Кто последним будет валить из этой страны - выключите свет в аэропорту.(С)
National character is very interesting phenomenon that combines people in identical nationality.

National character has a deep influence on history, culture and lifestyle of nation. Ukrainians are not exception. The main feature of Ukrainian national character is skill to launch rockets when people dress in wooden boots. Ukrainians like to work. We have lively inquisitive mind and creative imagination. Tanks to these features Ukrainians give to world many famous scientists, such as Amosov, Korolev, Yangel, Vernadsky, Antonov.

As Russians, Ukrainians have wide mysterious Slavonic soul. We are not materialistic people but we are rather cunning. We can sympathize but sometimes geed lives in our hearts.

Ukrainians like to have fun but suddenly melancholy fills our souls.

We don’t start the war first. We are peace-loving nation but we had cosaks who directed terror on our enemies.

Ukrainians contended for independent but we are not furious patriots.

We consist of deep contradiction.

Our power is in our spiritually and capacity for work. We are unpredictable nation.

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